Program 2009


22 August – 10 September 2009

This summer, for the first time, the program of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY will include music with live electronics, above all Pierre Boulez's epochal Répons, but also works by the Festival's composers-in-residence, Kaija Saariaho and Jörg Widmann. As in the past, the students will be taught by members of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, but this year teachers have also been invited from IRCAM, the research institute that Boulez founded in Paris's Centre Pompidou. Thus, issues related to electronic sound manipulation can be learned “from the horse’s mouth.” Yet the repertoire that the ensembles and orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY will perform is laid out on a far broader scale. It will span some one-hundred years and extend from early modern masterpieces by Leoš Janácek, Claude Debussy, and Alban Berg to composers of our own time, including the French spectralist Tristan Murail and the young Italian Bruno Mantovani. Boulez himself will conduct three concerts while the young French conductor Jean Deroyer will take charge of an ensemble program. There will also be an opening concert with the teaching staff, a chamber recital, and a master class for conductors. Finally, the audience can become better acquainted with the musicians and composers in rehearsals and workshops.


Modern 2 | Sunday, 23 August | 7.00 and 8.30 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
Ensemble intercontemporain | Susanna Mälkki conductor | Barbara Hannigan soprano (Francesconi) | Raphaële Kennedy soprano (Saariaho) | Emmanuelle Ophèle flute | Eric-Maria Couturier violoncello | IRCAM Team computer music design and technical staff | Jean-Baptiste Barrière live video | Mark Sattler moderator

Visual Pre-Concert | 7.00 p.m.
Kaija Saariaho (*1952) Lonh for soprano and live electronics |
NoaNoa for flute and live electronics

Main Concert | 8.30 p.m.
Kaija Saariaho Solar for ensemble and live electronics |
Amers for violoncello solo, ensemble and live electronics
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928 – 2007) Gesang der Jünglinge. Electronic musc (1955/56)
Luca Francesconi (*1956) Etymo for soprano chamber orchestra and live electronics, based on poems by Charles Baudelaire (1994)

Chamber Orchestra Concert | Sathurday, 29 August | 6.00 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Concert Hall
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra | Pierre Boulez conductor | Hae-Sun Kang violine | Yefim Bronfman piano

Leoš Janáček
Sinfonietta for orchestra
Edgard Varèse
Déserts for ensemble
Alban Berg
Chamber Concerto for piano and violin with accompaniment of thirteen wind instruments

Modern 4 | Saturday 5 September | 9.00 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Ensemble | Students of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY: Jennifer Torrence and Bill Solomon drums, Oliver Hagen and Jonas Olsson piano, Nicholas Tolle cimbalom, Bleuenn Le Friec harp | Pierre Boulez conductor | Andrew Gerzso computer music designer | IRCAM live electronics

Pierre Boulez 
Répons for six soloists, chamber ensemble, computer sounds and live electronics (Version II / 1985)
The composition will be performed two times during this concert.

Modern 5 | Tuesday, 8 September | 8.00 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
Students of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY: Francesca Anderegg, Rachel Field, and Yutaka Shimoda violin, Dylan Chmura-Moore and Stephen Menotti trombone, Victor de la Rosa Lorente bass clarinet, Anne Lanzilotti, Erin Wight viola | Produktionsteam IRCAM live electronics

Luca Francesconi
Animus I
Luis Naón
Caprices 4 & 3
Dai Fujikura
prism spectra
Marco Stroppa
I will not kiss your flag
Martin Matalon
Traces II (La cabra)
Pierre Boulez
Anthèmes II

Modern 6 | Wednesday, 9 September | 9.00 p.m. | KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Ensemble | Jean Deroyer conductor

Tristan Murail
Serendib for large ensemble
Kaija Saariaho
Nymphéa Reflection for strings
Bruno Mantovani
Le sette chiese for ensemble

Symphony Concert 24Thursday, 10 September | 7.30 p.m. |  KKL Luzern, Concert Hall
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra | Singers of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY (Ward Swingle chorus Master) | Pierre Boulez conductor

Claude Debussy
Jeux. Poème dansé
Pierre Boulez
Notations No. I–IV and VII for large orchestra
Luciano Berio
Sinfonia for eight voices and orchestra

Academy Forum 8 – Concert | Friday, 11 September | 8.00 p.m. | Church of St. Luke
Studio for contemporary music Lucerne University | Ludwig Wicki conductor Kaija Saariaho electronics | Gary Berger electronics

Kaija Saariaho (*1952)
Solo compositions with live electronics

Magnus Lindberg (*1958)
Gran Duo for large ensemble

Academy Forum 9 – Concert | Thursday, 17 September | 8.00 p.m. | Church of St. Luke
Studio for contemporary music Lucerne University | Jörg Widmann conductor

Jörg Widmann (*1973)
Works for solo clarinet
Chamber music for clarinet 
combined with compositions for clarinet and piano by Robert Schumann and Alban Berg