“The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI unite the most innovative and active young musicians around the world that the field of contemporary classical music has to offer,” observes Michael Haefliger, Executive and Artistic Director of LUCERNE FESTIVAL. “This network constitutes a major think-tank for new projects that can be implemented in Lucerne and in selected metropolises. We are very proud indeed to have gained Swiss Re as a Partner. Swiss Re not only supports two of the Alumni projects each year but the intranet platform as well, which plays a key role in the network’s ability to communicate.”

Swiss Re is a leading provider of reinsurance, insurance, and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. The Swiss Reinsurance Company was founded in 1863 following a national fire disaster. Little of the basic idea from that time has changed: Swiss Re takes on risks from customers so that they can withstand major losses, take risks, and grow, This principle is likewise essential for the economy as a whole.

Swiss Re’s commitment to art and architecture also has a longstanding tradition and is firmly anchored in the company’s culture. First-class architecture and a multifaceted commitment to the fields of music, theater, and visual art are an expression of the highest standards of quality, continuity, and sustainability. These support the company’s ability to engage with the challenges and risks of the future with openness, expertise, assurance, and social responsibility.