On the occasion of Swiss Re 150th anniversary LUCERNE FESTIVAL was asked to commission four compositions on the key topic “risk”. Risk is both something highly complex and rational and, at the same time, something very basic and emotional. It is about concepts of probability, chance, and knowledge as well as about emotions of fear, hope, and pity. It touches on essential or existential aspects of life and the way life is lived in society and communities. This brings insurance and music into proximity. In fact, art and insurance – as ideas, practices, and institutions – may be said to share some characteristics of how they deal with, and respond to, uncertainty and risk.

The musical composition will be played at the end of the open mind Forum and form a highlight of the event. We chose bauhoue as visual artist for all events, they will create in collaboration with the composer the visual part of this art work. All four composers will deal will the theme how music is related to risk, what risk mean in music, in the act of composition, performance and interpretation.

For this special event LUCERNE FESTIVAL formed a new Ensemble the LUCERNE FESTIVAL Ensemble out of Alumni of LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY. The young musicians from all over the world are specialists for performing practice.