Roche is a main sponsor of LUCERNE FESTIVAL and partner of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY.
Roche has actively cultivated and supported ground-breaking contemporary art and cultural projects since its formation in 1896. In 2003, Roche established Roche Commissions, a pioneering cultural initiative in collaboration with LUCERNE FESTIVAL. Roche Commissions regularly awards commissions to the world’s most talented contemporary composers.
To date, eight composers have been awarded through this biannual programme and their compositions premiered at LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer: Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Chen Yi, Hanspeter Kyburz, George Benjamin, Toshio Hosokawa, Matthias Pintscher, Unsuk Chin and Olga Neuwirth.
In an extended partnership with LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, Roche launched Roche Young Commissions in 2013. Biannually, two young composers are commissioned to compose orchestral works. Working closely with two young conductors and under the guidance of Wolfgang Rihm, Artistic Director of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, the Roche Young Commissions awardees have two years to complete their compositions, which also premiere at LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer.
By working together, Roche and LUCERNE FESTIVAL contribute to creating something new and innovative which would not be possible by working in isolation. Roche Commissions and Roche Young Commissions offer artists in contemporary music the challenge and opportunity to forge new frontiers in their special field. The outstanding works of music produced by Roche’s commissioned composers are an enduring expression and manifestation of Roche’s commitment to innovation, not only in science but also in the arts.