Found Sound Nation (FSN) is a collective of musicians and artists who leverage the unique power of creative sound-making to help build strong, just, healthy communities. FSN partners with local youth, social organizations, music festivals, and artists across all disciplines to engage people from all walks of life in our interactive process of collaborative music, audio, and video production, in order to give voice to underrepresented communities, unlock the creative potential of youth, and bridge cultural and political divides. Found Sound Nation is part of the new music organization Bang on a Can, founded in 1987 by composers Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe.





In August 2013, Found Sound Nation returned to the esteemed Lucerne Festival in Switzerland to take part in the Lucerne Festival Academy’s 10th Anniversary celebration and the Lucerne Festival’s 75th Anniversary.  We returned to Lucerne to run a second series of Street Studios, culminating in a day-long anniversary celebration outside of the KKL performance hall on Saturday, August 25.  In 2011 we led four days of Street Studios as part of the Academy’s Spotlights program and, together with town passersby and Academy musicians, created 11 tracks that captured the sonic landscape of the community.  This past fall, we worked again with Academy musicians, along with OneBeat 2012 alumAnton Sergeev (Russia), Weronika Partyka (Poland), and Vera Jonas (Hungary), the astounding Mivos Quartet and our friend Pierre-Marie Philippe to record 11 original, collaborative tracks with residents, tourists, musicians, and young people on the streets of Lucerne.  This page features audio, videos, and photos depicting the creation of this unique music. Thanks to the brilliant Temujin Doran and Hannah Devereux for 


The first time Found Sound Nation was in lucerne in 2011 as a Spotlight project.