Obligatory Repertoire
a. Standard Repertoire (audio recording)
- Hindemith Sonata for Bass Tuba and Piano with piano accompaniment (Schott) 
- Gregson Tuba Concerto 1st movement with piano accompaniment (Novello)

b. Contemporary Solo Pieces (video recording/link)
One of the following works:
- Kraft Encounters II (BIM)
- Pendercki Capriccio (Schott)
- Kagel Mirum (Universal Edition)
- Naulais Sketch 3 for Solo Tuba (Flex)
- Nodaira Arabesque V for tuba and piano (Editions Lemoine)
- Masson Boreas (BIM)
- Scelsi Maknongan (Salabert)

Optional Repertoire (audio or video recording)
One piece of the candidate’s choice written after 1950; please enclose the score with the recording.

If you have questions concerning the availability of the scores or problems with editors, please don't hesitate to contact us by Email: academy@lucernefestival.ch