Obligatory Repertoire
a. Standard Repertoire (audio recording)
- Beethoven 1st movement of one of the following sonatas: Op. 2 (No. 2/3), Op. 7, Op. 10 (No. 3), Op. 22, 31 (No. 1), Op. 53, Op. 57, Op. 81a, Op. 106, Op. 111
one of the following pieces
- Schönberg Op. 23, 25, 33, one movement of the candidate's choice

b. Contemporary Solo Pieces (video recording/link)
one of the following works:
- Carter 90+
- Stockhausen Klavierstück 5, No. 4
- Stockhausen Klavierstück 7, No. 4
- Stockhausen Klavierstück 8, No. 4
- Boulez Incises
- Boulez Sonata No. 1 (any movement)
- Boulez Sonata No. 2 (1st or 4th movement)
- Berio Sequenza IV *
- Ligeti from Etudes one Etude of the candidate’s choice (except Arc en ciel)
- Messiaen Ile de Feu II from Quatre Etudes de Rythme
- Messiaen Loriot from Catalogue d'Oiseaux
- Chin Etudes (any of the candidate’s choice except No. 6)

Optional Repertoire (audio or video recording)
A work of the candidate's choice composed after 1950. Please include the score along with the recording.

* To see a performance of alumna Flavia Casari performing Berio Sequenza IV, click here.

If you have questions concerning the availability of the scores or problems with editors, please don't hesitate to contact us by Email: academy@lucernefestival.ch