Bassoon | Contrabassoon

Obligatory Repertoire
a. Bassoon | Standard Repertoire (audio recording)
One of the following works:
- Hummel Bassoon Concerto in F major, 1st movement, except bars 191-273 (with piano accompaniment)
- Saint-Saëns Sonata for Bassoon and Piano in G major, Op. 168, 1st and 2nd movements (with piano accompaniment)
- Mozart Concerto for Bassoon in B-flat major, K. 191, 1st movement with cadenza (with piano accompaniment)

b. Bassoon | Contemporary Solo Pieces (video recording/link)
One of the following works:
- Berio Sequenza XII (Universal Edition)
- Stockhausen In Freundschaft, edition for bassoon (Stockhausen Edition)*
- Tiet Jeu des cinq éléments II (Jobert)
- Denisov Sonata for Bassoon, 3rd movement (Leduc)
- Yun Monolog for Bassoon (Bote & Bock)*
- Neuwirth Torsion for Bassoon (Boosey & Hawkes)

Optional Repertoire (audio or video recording)
a. Contrabassoon
- Schoenberg Chamber Symphony No. 1, Op. 9, 1st part, solo for contrabassoon (from 28–30, 46–50, two bars before 87–90, and two bars before 97–99)
b. Bassoon or Contrabassoon
One piece of the candidate’s choice written after 1950; please enclose the score with the recording.

Please be aware that it is also obligatory for bassoonists to play contrabassoon in the Academy.

* To see a performance of alumnus Enrico Toffano performing Yun Monologueclick here and alumna Stephanie Patterson performing Stockhausen In Freundschaft, click here.

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