Bass Trombone

Obligatory Repertoire
a. Standard Repertoire (audio recording)
One of the following works:
- Barboteu Romantic Flash (Editions Choudens Boosey & Hawkes) (with piano accompaniment)
- Wilder Sonata (Edition Margum; can be ordered by Schirmer) (with piano accompaniment)
Bozza New Orleans (Leduc)
Lantier Introduction, Romance et Allegro (Editions Lemoine)

b. Contemporary Solo Pieces (video recording/link)
One of the following works:
- Donatoni Scaglie (Ricordi)
- Ballif Solfeggietto No. 7, three movements of the candidate’s choice (orig. for tuba) (Durand)
- Schnyder SubZero 3rd movement

Optional Repertoire (audio or video recording)
One piece of the candidate’s choice written after 1950; please enclose the score with the recording.

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